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the power of virtual coaching

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How do you think virtual coaching compares with in-person coaching? Do you think they are equally effective? In my experience, many people think virtual coaching can be a convenient alternative, but can only ever be second best to coaching face-to-face.

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what would a wise person do?

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What comes to mind when I ask you to envisage a wise person? Do you summon an image of a gnarled but kindly old man with a long grey beard who looks a bit like you imagine Merlin would? (before the TV series, of course!)

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become a better leader over Christmas!

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Are you knackered? Just hanging on in there until you can leave it all behind for the Christmas break? Christmas is the one time in the year when almost everyone stops business, or at least slows down significantly.

Even if you are “working through”, for many people it’s likely to be short days in a deserted office, or working on your laptop at home.

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are you "shoulding" on your career?

Career website

What is your definition of "career"? Many of my career coaching clients have an idea of a career as a linear progression of experiences, one experience building to the next where one can look back and see a coherent path. And they often feel that their career has fallen short because it doesn't fit this mould. They look at their CV and say, “It’s just a hotchpotch. It doesn’t look like I’ve had a proper career.”

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