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Organisations that want to thrive need leaders performing at their best so they can drive growth and transform their business.

Yet as the challenges of leadership build, fear and self-doubt can get in the way of talented senior managers and directors unleashing their full leadership potential. They want to show up as a leader who is focussed and in command - holding the vision, leading effectively through others and driving business results.

Yet they're feeling overwhelmed, out of their depth and afraid of speaking up and pushing back for fear of repercussions.

Do you recognise these leaders in your organisation? Or perhaps you're feeling like this yourself?

The Unleash your Leadership! coaching programme with me, Alison Reid, is designed to help talented senior managers and directors like these to think, feel and act like a leader. 

Coaching with me will help you :

  • Understand and refine your unique leadership style
  • Overcome fears and self-doubt holding you back
  • Increase your influence with senior stakeholders
  • Have confidence in situations where you are not the subject matter expert
  • Learn how to let go of trying to control everything and focus on what matters

And, ultimately? Maximise your leadership impact so you can drive business growth and transformation.

The work translates directly to the bottom line : a client I recently worked with stood by a $9bn offer he created which others doubted would succeed, and his team delivered 3 months ahead of target. He credits this to having developed and embodied, through coaching, a stronger belief in his judgement and decisions.

Want to know more? Download the Unleash Your Leadership! coaching programme brochure.

What clients say about coaching with me...

“Working with Alison has been the single most impactful training or development that I have ever had. Alison has, via her amazingly precise, thought-out questions, challenged the actual fibre of who I think I am, but more importantly, who I think I can be.” Senior manager, Media sector

“I feel established as a leader, accepted by the Board and generally more confident in my abilities. I’m regularly chosen to lead initiatives and offered other opportunities within the company.” Director, Global Technology company

“I now feel that there isn’t a situation that’s going to come up that I’m not going to be able to deal with.” Head of Operations, Arts sector

“Coaching with Alison helped me take several important steps with confidence and exceed goals originally set by my manager. This led to my promotion to Director within 9 months and a new assignment to lead and build a new organisation.” Director, Global technology company

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Download the Unleash Your Leadership! coaching programme brochure.

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