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Do you think you could be a better leader if you had a greater understanding of how you behave and why?

Psychometric instruments are a valuable way to enhance leaders' understanding of their leadership approach, strengths, preferences and opportunities for development.

The insight generated paves the way for leaders to take action, experimenting with unfamiliar behaviours and limiting less productive ones in service of their own self-mastery and leadership impact.

HoganLead and MBTI Step II

At Beyond Bounds, we're certified in administering a number of psychometrics. However, we find that HoganLead and MBTI Step II are most effective in supporting our clients develop their leadership capability.

Why HoganLead?

HoganLead is a suite of reports created by HoganAssessments specifically designed for organisational leaders to help them develop and build their leadership effectiveness.

HoganLead is effective for senior managers and executives who are in a high profile role leading a team or organisation and working with senior stakeholders. They want to :

  • Lead their people successfully to achieve stretching business objectives
  • Influence and respond effectively to senior stakeholders
  • Maintain and enhance their reputation to help their prospects of progressing their career

HoganLead helps leaders like these understand :

  • How they relate to others when they're at their best - and how they can leverage these behaviours
  • How they may behave under stress and the risks of that on their leadership impact - and what they can do to limit the potential damage
  • What drives their behaviour and how their values and motivators inform their behaviour at their best and under stress

Read more about HoganLead here.

Why MBTI Step II?

The Myers Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a widely-used and highly regarded personality questionnaire which identifies valuable differences between normal, healthy people.

MBTI is designed to enhance understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths and your potential areas for growth. It will also help you appreciate people who differ from you.

MBTI is effective for senior managers and directors who are either individual contributors or leading a team. They want to :

  • Be the most effective they can be and get the best from others
  • Understand why they find it difficult to work in certain environments or with certain people
  • Deal more effectively with stress

MBTI helps leaders like these understand :

  • How they prefer to work and be engaged with others
  • How they take in information and make decisions
  • What other behavioural choices they could experiment with to improve their energy, their effectiveness and their impact on others

MBTI Step II goes much further than MBTI Step I to help you understand the unique fingerprint of your personality.  Read more about MBTI here.

What's next

At Beyond Bounds, we offer HoganLead or MBTI Step II either as a stand-alone development intervention, or as part of the Beyond Bounds Executive Coaching Programme.

Engaging with both psychometrics involves the client completing an online questionnaire which is then followed by a 90/120 minute "feedback" session with Alison Reid, virtually or in-person.

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