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Read what our clients say about coaching with Beyond Bounds...

“Working with Alison has been the single most impactful training or development that I have ever had. Alison has, via her amazingly precise, thought-out questions, challenged the actual fibre of who I think I am, but more importantly, who I think I can be.”
Senior manager, Media sector

Senior manager achieves Director promotion, Global technology company
"Right from the start of our work together, Alison helped me extend my horizons. She coached me in running successful experiments which increased my impact with my team, my peers, and my management.

"After 3 months, my VP recognised the change and how it was improving the agility and motivation of his organisation in the midst of significant changes we were facing. Coaching helped me take several important steps with confidence and exceed goals originally set with him. This led to my promotion to Director within 9 months and a new assignment to lead and build a new organisation.

"Leadership feedback I have received shows high engagement scores from my team and recognition of results achieved. I highly recommend executive coaching to other leaders to help them to get to the next level."

Successfully adjusting to a board level role, Global technology company
“I started coaching with Alison after having moved from a manager role to a director level one, a big change both in terms of team size and becoming a “Board member”. When my line manager suggested coaching, I was keen, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

"9 months on, I feel established as a leader, accepted by the Board and generally more confident in my abilities. I’m regularly chosen to lead initiatives and offered other opportunities within the company.”

Senior manager makes massive business impact, Global technology company
When we started working together, this senior manager had transitioned from a team lead role with a track record of success to an individual contributor tasked with creating a new business offer. He had very limited resource, he lacked confidence to influence senior stakeholders because he felt that he did not have relevant subject matter expertise and he was experiencing a high level of stress.

His coaching journey involved getting clarity on what he wanted to achieve and practising saying “no” to what was not priority, learning to reach out and ask questions rather than feel the need to have the answers, and developing a stronger belief in his own judgement – an example of this has been creating a $9bn offer which others doubted would succeed : his team met target 3 months in advance. In addition, he has built a solid business model and the capability to deliver on it, he is regarded as a trusted business partner by senior stakeholders and, as a result of being courageous in initiating conversations and sharing his ideas, the business model he has created has been adopted in theatres across the company.

Head of Operations, Arts Sector, transitions from manager to leader
When we started working with this senior manager, her challenge was to transition from management to leadership, growing into the role of right-hand woman to the chief executive. Our work together focused on how she fully “inhabited” her leadership role, helping her embody authority, assurance and confidence through the use of her body and language, whilst managing self-doubt. Within this, she developed her capability to make tough decisions and deliver difficult messages to team members without letting go of principles and values which are important to her.

12 months on, she is calm and confident in dealing with important meetings and conversations, she is better able to stand her ground in the face of disagreement or challenge, and she is managing her team more effectively. This is freeing her up to work on strategic priorities and generate more revenue streams for the organisation. In her words, “I now feel that there isn’t a situation that’s going to come up that I’m not going to be able to deal with.”

Head of Telesales, Publishing, leads successful organisational change
This talented senior manager was tasked with transforming an outdated telesales operation into a progressive, future-proof business. She was under pressure to lead change yet paralysed by the fear of not getting it “right”, of failing on a very visible level, and of not being able to cope with an emergent future. Through coaching with Alison, she learned how to embody confidence and trust in her decisions, to create space to think and plan, and to reframe her role in relation to leading and developing her team. She planned and executed the successful restructure of the organization on deadline with minimal negative impact on business results and received very positive feedback from stakeholders. What she said, “I’ve learned so much about effective leadership and achieving results. The coaching outcomes, having a clear focus, and setting deadlines have been a huge driver.”



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